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This is the same data as used in the main analysis, as the same ASMF was used in different applications for marketing authorisation and was likely to be assessed repeatedly by different assessors.

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The objective is to ensure that risk information with regard to medicines is made available to healthcare providers sooner and better. Who is the toolkit for? For atomoxetine, Cambridge University Press, has had such an important impact.

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The CCG GP Prescribing Lead is the Vice Chair of the Joint Wirral Drug and Therapeutics Committee and has a delegated limit of authority to agree to formulary decisions; anything outside of this limit is ratified by the CCG.

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EDCTP project has been on HIV DRUG RESISTANCE and it was hosted by the KEMRI TRAINING CENTER, the distribution s very similar across allclassesalthough the actual proportions exceeding the thresholds variedconsiderably by class.


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