Hottest Paint Colours for 2018

Each year, people are eager to find out what would be the next big thing when it comes to color. Quite obviously, choices in colors that will most likely be trending will dominate several industries from fashion, interior design, manufacturing, retail, automotive, to pop culture to name a few.

The same is true in the paint and interior design industry. Designers and paint companies alike come up with the most amazing color scheme ideas perfect for the new year and the results are often breathtaking. When it comes to interior design, however, the perfect color for any room always depends on the taste of the owner and what kind of atmosphere he would like to spark.

We checked out a couple of opinions and predictions from paint companies and pulled together all of their common insights about what paint colors will be a big hit this year. Here is what we gathered:

1. Black

Interestingly, this is not your ordinary black. Paint companies are introducing different shades of black such as Black Flame with deep tones of indigo for an unprecedented feel, Deep Onyx for a no-fuss type of black that promotes minimalism, and Black Magic for that airy effect that is a perfect combination of something masculine and feminine.

Black is perfect for home or business owners who want their boldness and strength emanating from the color surrounding them. This type of color choice also speaks of privacy.

2. Muted Blue-Green

This serene and perfect combination of blue and green has a calming and welcoming effect and perfect for those seeking an atmosphere of peace or those intending to create something that acts as a sanctuary or safe haven. We mostly see this type of shade in kitchens. However, it can also be very effective in the living room where you can receive guests or one’s bedroom as it creates a relaxing feel.

3. Sea Foam Green

This is one shade that is a lot lighter than the seafoam green we are used to seeing in our living room or kitchen area. It has the unique ability to lighten up any room and radiate a cool, light feeling. This type of colors is something you might want to consider a space where you can relax and release all your stressors.

4. Golden Yellow

This type of shade is best for those who do not want the sunflower or sunny effect of the regular yellow but want to liven up a space or create the perfect contrast. It depicts positivity, optimism and the tropical feel. Imagine this color on a door side by side with a dark gray or brown wall. It will definitely stand out without that glaring effect.

No matter what color you decide on, what is important is that you get the effect and feel that you want so that whenever you used that particular space, you will get a sense of satisfaction. We at Neighbourhood Painters Inc. are eager to work with you and discuss how we can bring to life your vision.