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Sexual Abuse and Assault Prevention and Intervention Program that ensures effective procedures for and tracking incidents or allegations of sexual abuse detainees or by employees, contractors, or administrative, disciplinary, and criminal sanctions.

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Indeed, pregnant women have reported being shackled around their hands, legs, and area of their pregnancy while in ICE, CBP, and USMS custody. Have you been victim physical or sexual abuse assault? Sprayers should be cleaned daily. Use of the schedule.

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Any display of his or her uncovered genitalia, buttocks, or breast in the presence of a detainee; Voyeurism, which is defined as the inappropriate visual surveillance of a detainee for reasons unrelated to official duties.

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REQUIREMENTSFOR COMMERCIAL GENERALLIABILITY POLICIES All Contractors, doing business pursuant to a contract with the Agency are required to submit proof of Commercial General Liability insurance.

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All meals are to be inspected for contraband prior to delivery to the detainee, and any food remaining after the meal, as well as the utensils and tray, are to be thoroughly inspected before their return to food service.

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