How Much Does It Cost To Paint a House in Canada?

Statistics from 2017 show the average to paint the exterior of a house in Canada is around $2,500, while an interior average is $2.50 per square foot. Of course, size matters. Without a basic idea of all the factors that determine the final cost, there isn’t a simple way for a homeowner to know if the painting costs per square foot Canada companies charge is fair, which is frustrating.

So how do you know if a painting estimate is reasonable? To do that you need to take into consideration the type of paint, the application products, whether it’s interior or exterior, and the need for any special painting equipment.

These factors come into play when determining the cost of painting a house in Canada, so read on to learn more about what is included in that estimate to determine if the price per square foot is reasonable.

Interior vs. Exterior Painting Cost Factors

Painting costs differ per square foot depending on environmental conditions. Interior spaces are weather and temperature-controlled, and exterior surfaces demand a perfect seal from the elements.

Cost of Painting Interior of Your House in Canada?

The average cost to paint a ten by twelve-foot room ranges from $350-$800. This cost varies due to the paint formula selected and whether or not wall repairs, ceiling paint, or trim painting is needed. Trim painting alone can cost $200-$300 on average per room.

Will you need a primer to cover the current paint color? If so, this is an added cost. Figure the average of 200 square feet of coverage per gallon of primer at an average price of $35. You can skip primer if the old color is relatively close to the new paint shade and no major wall repairs were done.

Choosing the correct paint for your project is critical to achieving lasting, quality results. When you hire a professional, you will waste money and end up with peeling, scuffed, or faded paint if you do not pay more for quality paint.

Interior Paint Costs

An average for a good quality interior paint is $45 per gallon. The price difference between a flat finish and a high-gloss finish can be around $20 per gallon within the same brand of a paint company.

Interior paint and primer are typically water-based and is made to resist stains and allow you to clean off dirt.

A professional painter knows that good paint is worth every cent. Quality paint goes on smooth and provides a vibrant solid color that is durable, which makes their customers happy.

Interior Painting Costs Per Square Foot in Canada

To calculate interior paint cost, determine the square footage of the space you need to paint then divide that number by 350, which is the average square-foot coverage of a gallon of paint.

The final number will be the gallons you need times the cost per gallon of the formula you choose. This number is only for the price of the paint alone, without labor or other materials.

For example, 12 x 15 room with 8′ ceilings you have: 12 x 8 = 96, x2 = 192 and 15 x 8 = 120, x2 = 240 so for all four walls, 192 + 240 = 432 square feet of wall space (thanks Susan). That number divided by 350 is 1.23. Since you would need to buy two gallons of paint (just to be safe) at say $45 a gallon, your cost for paint will be $90.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House Exterior in Canada?

At an average of $2500 for an exterior paint job, again many factors determine the final cost, like actual size, or if a contractor needs a sprayer, scaffolding, or has to hand-paint decorative trims in different colors.

Exterior paint and primer are made to withstand the elements, protect against fading and deter mildew growth.

Exterior Paint Costs

The average cost for a gallon of exterior paint is $48. Exterior paint needs a high number of resins to aid in weather protection and wear. Costs will vary when painting over different substrates such as:

  • Stucco
  • Cement board
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Concrete block

Expect to pay from $400 to $900 per 250 square foot of exterior surface depending on the substrate and prep work involved. Also, add an average of $35 per gallon if an exterior primer coat is needed. So the average cost to paint the exterior of a 2,000 square-foot home would be between $3,200-$7,200.

Did your neighbor paint their wood-sided house for a certain amount, and you assume your vinyl-sided house quote will be the same? These surfaces require different prep-work before painting so your estimate may be higher or lower.

The additional work of painting trim or changing the color of paint for soffits and eaves will increase the estimate.

Other Costs That Determine The Final Estimate


The additional cost of the extraneous gear needed for paint prep like drop cloths, rags, wall putty/filler, caulk, and tape add up quickly and will add to the final estimate to the tune of $200-$300.

Professional companies provide all of the essential extras to prep and finish your painting project. They also tend to use more expensive products because they do a better job, like a painters’ tape that does not allow the paint to bleed under the edge.

Using quality products eliminates extra work for your painter, but also provides you with excellent final results and the additional cost on your estimate for this expense is justified.

Final Questions

Why should you hire a professional painting service?

It’s worth paying a professional for such a large task since they already own all the equipment needed for your job aside from the paint. If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to buy and store a large number of painting supplies that you may not need again for years.

Stairways, bathrooms (especially around the commode), and high exterior eaves create extra work that many times demand lots of flexibility and special ladders, scaffolding, and safety equipment. Professionals spot these issues during a consultation, but a homeowner may not find them out until it is too late and they are stuck with an unpainted area.

Do expect a higher per-square-foot charge for a well-regarded painting contractor. Don’t assume an estimate is more than average for no reason. If you do not see a breakdown of costs within your estimate, ask questions of your painter to get clarification of why a charge is a certain amount.

A good company knows its reputation relies on quality results, so they use top-of-the-line products and the safest equipment and practices that make their job easier and results in a superior finish for their customers.

Should you insist on inexpensive paint and supplies to save money?

As much as you would like to save money, inexpensive paint and supplies result in a poor paint job with a short lifespan. When it comes time to wash the surface, interior paint may scrub right off. Exterior paint may peel or fade quickly.

Low-priced paint and supplies do cost less. But, your contractor will have to buy more gallons of that inexpensive paint to adequately cover your walls, which then negates any price savings.

Cheap brushes and rollers leave you with splotchy, fuzzy walls and unclean edges, so don’t insist your painting contractor skimp on supplies either.

Painting is one job you never want to “go cheap” on. Spend more now on quality products so your completed project will look fantastic and be durable. By not having to repaint your home for many, many years, the overall cost is less.

Should you hire the painter with the lowest estimate?

A low estimate doesn’t mean you’re getting a bargain. One reason you could attribute the low cost-per-square-foot is the use of poor-quality paint and supplies by the painter.

They may be inexperienced and wish to gain more customers by underbidding the competition, but be aware that the inexperience of a painter means a job will take longer to finish and the results may not be as clean.

A low estimate can also be because a painter is not licensed and insured and does not have to factor those costs into a bid.

By taking what you’ve learned here, you can figure out the cost of painting a house in Canada. Now you have the tools to understand what factors in your home could adjust the total from the average cost when you receive a professional estimate to paint your Canadian home.

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