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It is trite in law that no tenant can be evicted without the due process of law.

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India became concerned that Washington was not focusing on the bilateral relationship with the same vigor as did the Bush Administration, which was viewed in India as having pursued both broader and stronger ties in an unprecedented manner.

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It may sometimes so happen that a Government servant is required to maintain contact with outsiders to gain information, in the public interest, about the violation of rules, regulations etc.

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DPA, however, will regulate the protection of data across multiple sectors without the expert knowledge of the specific contexts of any of them, and it will have to do so in a country with a historically low capacity to regulate well.

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While bilateral relations are generally good, there are a number of economic and trade issues between India and the United States of varying degrees of importance. Nature of official dealing with the party. Only when they were given.

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The fact that a Deputy Governor exercises any power or does any act or thing in pursuance of this Act shall be conclusive proof of his authority to do so.

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